Straighten Teeth Discreetly


Invisalign is a world leading treatment for straightening teeth using invisible aligners. It offers an ideal solution for those who are looking to improve their smile discreetly. 3-D technology is used to determine the exact shape of your teeth creating aligners that are designed specifically for your mouth. These aligners allow the dentist to make slight adjustments to the level of movement as the treatment progresses. An aligner needs to be replaced every two weeks, until the desired result is obtained.

Invisalign before and after Bewdley

What Are The Benefits?

Discreet and Removable

The retainers will be less noticeable when you smile and speak. Being removable, you are able to take them out when required. It is however necessary to wear the aligner for 22 hours a day to achieve the best possible result.

It’s unique removability also aids for better oral hygiene during the treatment, as you can brush and floss as normal. This prevents any hassles such as gum disease, cavities and tooth decay occurring due to difficultly maintaining oral health

Confidence to smile

There’s no fear of added attention with people pointing out your braces, no insecurities to smile, no issues with maintaining oral hygiene. Invisalign offers you the chance to improve your smile, while still giving you the confidence to smile.

High success rate

Invisalign is a world leading provider of clear aligners with years of research to provide the best possible outcome.

Invisalign before and after Bewdley

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