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Restorative Fillings

Filling up cavities (holes in teeth)

Composite Fillings

A tooth-coloured alternative to traditional “silver” fillings. While functionally they are very similar, a Composite filling can provide benefits such as

  • Discrete and natural looking restorations

  • Better Aesthetics

  • Able to bond to the tooth’s surface creating a better filled surface

Composites are not just a private option, they available on the NHS on the first 5 teeth. Molar teeth that require fillings on NHS would be an Amalgam filling.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are a silver filling material made from mercury (ADD) which offer the patient a long lasting, strong filling option. While they don’t look as aesthetically  pleasing as the composite alternative, the functionality is undeniable. Benefits of Amalgam fillings include

  • Strong and long lasting

  • Quicker to place than composite

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