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Dental Hygiene StourportHere at Bewdley Dental practice we take patients safety very seriously and we work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for them.

In 2011 we replaced our existing decontamination room and installed a state of the art decontamination/sterilization suite in which the equipment and methods used for instrument sterilization and storage would ensure we consistently achieve the standards for Best Practice issued by the Department of Health in HTM 01-05 (this is the highest possible achievement.)

Cross Infection in Dentistry at Kidderminster

The Decontamination Suite has the following features:

• Forced one way airflow ventilation
• Dac Handpiece sterilisers
• Instrument inspection area with magnification
• Separate hand wash basins in each suite
• Eschmann autoclaves
• Instrument wrapping and date labelling
• Sterile storage

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