It can be distressing for both parent and child to be refused braces on the NHS in the Worcestershire area, especially if there has been a long waiting due to high demand. There is a misconception that all children under the age of 18 are eligible for NHS orthodontics but this is not the case. To be approved NHS braces your child will need to meet the strict criteria by having an IOTN (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need).

What is IOTN

An IOTN is a system which is used to asses your child’s orthodontic needs and the eligibility for NHS orthodontic treatment. The outline for the rating system is:

  • Grade 1:  Almost Perfect

  • Grade 2: Minor irregularities

  • Grade 3: Greater irregularities which normally do not need treatment for health reasons.

  • Grade 4: Severe degrees of irregularity and these do require treatment for health reasons.
  • Grade 5: Severe dental health problems

The NHS will only normally approve orthodontics for Grade 4 and grade 5.

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What to do if your child has been refused NHS braces

We can offer a FREE orthodontic consultation. At this appointment we will assess the needs of your child and discuss the options available and discuss the all fees involved in treating your child, so there will be no hidden surprises throughout the course of treatment. We offer a range of orthodontics including Invisalign clear aligners (which is a favourite amongst teenagers who may be concerned about having the appearance of conventional metal braces as the aligners are more discreet) and traditional metal and clear wire fixed braces at a discounted child rate. We also have finance plans available should you wish to spread the cost. 

During the initial consultation we will carry out a dental scan using our high tech itero 3d scanner which will provide a 3d simulation of what potentially can be achieved.

What to expect during your childs orthodontic (Invisalign or fixed brace) treatment

Following on from the initial assessment, regardless as to which system you decide on for treatment we will need to take clinical records, this will include taking models of your childs teeth prior to starting treatment, clinical photographs and a full mouth radiograph. These records will then be used to create your childs bespoke treatment plan. Once we have a plan in place we can begin your childs treatment. When undertaking orthodontic treatment please be advised that treatment will require regularly visits to the practice for assessment and alterations, any delay in these appointments can prolong your childs orthodontic treatment.

Prices start from: £1500.00 per arch