At Bewdley Dental Practice, we like to use the latest in technology and techniques to provide our patients with the best possible outcome. We use a metal brace that uses a clever slide mechanism to straighten your teeth, known as the Fast Brace System.

Minimal time, Maximum results!

While traditional braces required at least two years to complete treatment due to their shape and design, Fast Braces are considerably quicker. They typically work with one uniquely designed orthodontic wire from start to finish, whereas standard braces require a series of wires and tightening procedures. This specially engineered wire uses the temperature of the mouth to move the whole tooth in one movement, rather than two separate stages.

  • Tooth movement is more efficient
  • Fewer appointments due to less adjustments
  • Longer intervals between visits as no need to change elastics
  • Less pain due to reduced pressure on teeth
  • Increased hygiene due to sliding mechanism.
  • Wide range of movements are possible which may not be achieved with traditional braces.

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